Why Cuba?

It was in Cuba that, for the first time on a kite trip, I felt like I took in not only the wind and the sea, but also the culture and the people of an indescribable place; I was changed forever.
Cuba more than any other place i have visited, is fascinating to me because it provides me with the opportunity of exploring unknown landscapes and spots and it truly pulls on my heartstrings.
I enjoy walking the path less travelled, and once you step away from the resorts, and let the Cuban people and culture guide you, you will find this path opens up for you on this tropical island rich with music, language, art, fruit, rum and ocean breezes.

This is a place where a kind of freedom exists despite daily constraints, where the everyday defies the mainstream, and where I have the chance to be free.

This is more than just another kite spot. Kitesurf can be practiced in many places across the globe, but opening my kite in Cuba and gliding out on the turquoise water is unique and special which is difficult to describe , is a sensation that needs to be lived.
The wind is great, and you’re not only on a kite vacation, while bettering your technique or learning a new sport you are also experiencing Cuban culture, returning home richer for it. You are letting Cuba into your heart.

Whether you are looking for the wind, the waves or just a relaxing fun get away, you will find Cuba and it’s people making a home in your heart. You’ll be making friends and staying in our friendly kite village while having the time of your life.

This is what I want to share with you: a place where each day brings opportunities for joyful, unexpected encounters and where serendipity exists in place of routine.
Feeling free to live no planning emotions and let the magic of this tropical island and the people capture yourself.
cuba flag