Why Cuba?


It was in Cuba that, for the first time during a trip with the kite and surf, i felt as if i had taken not only the wind and the wave sea, but also the culture and people of an indescribable place; I have been changed forever.

Cuba more than any other place I have visited, it fascinates me because it offers me the opportunity to explore unknown landscapes and places and really attracts the strings of my heart. I like to travel the path less traveled, and once you get away from the tourist areas and let cuban people and culture guide you, you will find that this path opens up to you on this tropical island full of music, language, art, fruit, rum and ocean breezes.

This is a place where there is a sort of freedom despite the daily constraints, where the daily challenges the mainstream and where i have the opportunity to be free.

This is much more than just a kite or surf spot. Kite and surf can be practiced in many places around the world, but opening my kite in Cuba and sliding on turquoise water or surfing that crystal waves are unique and special which is difficult to describe, it is a feeling that must be experienced. The wind and waves are great and you are not only on vacation with a kite or surf, while improving your technique or learning a new sport, you are also experiencing cuban culture, returning home richer for it. You are letting Cuba enter your heart. Whether you are looking for the wind, the waves or just a relaxing fun to escape, you will find Cuba and the people who make a home in your heart.

You will make friends and stay in our cozy kite and surf villa while you have fun. This is what I want to share with you: a place where every day offers opportunities for joyful and unexpected encounters and where serendipity exists in place of  you feel free not to feel planning emotions and let the magic of this tropical island and the people will catch you.